I Help Men and Women Over 40 Lose Weight, Gain Lean Muscle, Feel Their Absolute Best, And Live A Healthy

And Sustainable Fitness Lifestyle.

My Core Beliefs:

1) People Are Powerful.  You Are Powerful!

Every single one of us has the tools we need inside of us to make change happen.  We have the power to learn, to grow, and to transform.  Stored inside you, they are simply potential.  Utilizing them is what makes you powerful.

2) Your Mind Is Your Most Powerful Tool.

Belief is the fuel for action, and action is the vehicle that drives you forward down the road of success.  A faulty belief system leads to inaction.  And inaction keeps you stalled right where you are.  Belief=Action=Success!

3)  You Are Unique And Require A Unique And Personal Plan.

The fitness industry is filled with "cookie cutter" diets and workout plans mass produced for the takers.  However, you are unique and deserve and require a specific plan with you at the center - your goals, your challenges, your body type, your nutrient needs, and your capabilities.

4) Your Past Experiences Don't Dictate Your Future.

It does not matter what you've tried in the past, what the results were, where your mindset was, what you said to yourself, or what anyone else thought about your journey.  None of that defines you nor does it affect where you are going.  Right now marks a new starting point.

5)  Your Environment Equals Your Energy.

What we surround ourselves with is crucial to our success on any journey worth taking.  From social circles, social media, and even the food we keep in the house, negative environments breed negative results.  So it's important to surround yourself with an environment that supports you.

6)  Fitness Is Not About Being Perfect.

Nobody is perfect.  We all have our own imperfections.  But here's the good news.  Getting the results that you desire and living a fitness lifestyle is not about being perfect.  It's about planning around your imperfections.

7)  Change Happens In The Grey Area.

We tend to think in absolutes such as BLACK or WHITE, or ON or OFF.   We either hit the gym 7 days a week for 2 hours, or we don't go at all.  The truth is that most success happens in the in between - the GREY area.  That's where we should operate, and that is where change happens!

8)  Sustainability Is The Number One Key To Your Success.

If you take a temporary approach to your fitness (meaning it's not sustainable), then your results will be temporary.  However the opposite is true.  If you take a permanent approach, your results will also be permanent.   It's simple.  You have to ask yourself, "Can I live this way?"  If the answer is "yes", it's a sustainable lifestyle approach.

9)  Everyone Can Benefit From A Coach.

Even elite athletes, business geniuses, and those at the top of their game strive for the next level.  Working with a coach gives us the opportunity to see things we might not have seen in ourselves, introduce new ideas, and practice new strategies to better ourselves from the inside out.

10)  Small, Bite-Sized Steps Lead To Lasting Change.

We've been taught in the past that MASSIVE ACTION leads to change.  It does not.  This old-school way of thinking is not sustainable (remember #8 above?).  When we take small steps, it's doable.  And because it's doable, we keep doing it.  And when we keep doing it over-and-over again, we form habits.  We create a lifestyle of fitness.

My Philosophy:  People Are Powerful And With The Right Mindset, Tools, And Actions Can Accomplish Anything.

My mission is to take your desire, experience, and willingness to take action and turn it into a  healthy and long-lasting fitness lifestyle.  I've designed this website and my coaching programs to give you the resources you need to start your journey and keep moving forward.  No matter where you are coming from, what your past experiences have been, or what you think you are capable of doing, you have the power to transform your mind, body, and life .


If They Can Do It,  So Can You!

Over the years, I've had the opportunity to coach thousands of men and women over the age of 40 helping them not only reach their goals, but create a sustainable fitness lifestyle.  My clients have experienced lasting and healthy weight loss, lean muscle tone development, strength and conditioning, and overall health and fitness.

I consider each person I work with part of my fitness family.  We share goals together, we learn together, we grow together, and our successes are celebrated together.  This journey is one where we walk hand-in-hand down a path that leads to a healthy and sustainable fitness lifestyle.

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Personalized, Live Fitness Coaching.

My Fitness Lifestyle Coaching is designed with one goal in mind - sustainability.  Mto meet you where you're at whether you are just getting started or you're stuck in a rut.   No matter where you're currently at, there is always a next level.  Benefit from one-on-one live virtual coaching, weekly game-planning, daily motivation, email support, personalized workouts and meal plans, and all the support services you need to experience healthy weight loss, lean muscle development, increased energy, and better overall health and fitness.


Your program will be 100% based on your personal goals, your workout capability, your equipment access, your desired frequency and duration, and your food likes and dislikes.  So if you want to think better, move better, eat better, and feel better as well as take the guesswork out, make fitness a lifestyle with Fitness Lifestyle Coaching.