Fitness Now has been providing companies with on-site and virtual fitness programs since 2001.  Our programs fit any size company with any size budget.  Whether you have a built-in workout facility, plan to build one, or just have parking lot and meeting spaces available, we have programs that fit your needs and work space.  And with our virtual online training, your entire team can participate at work or in the comfort of their own homes.  We make it easy for you to plug in programs that will lead your team to better health and fitness.  And when your team is healthier and stronger, so is your entire organization and bottom line.




"As a family physician, I’ve seen the cost of unhealthy living - obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol to name a few.  Working closely with the experts at Fitness Now, I was excited to learn that their philosophy on health and fitness is in line with my own.  In order to create viable change, you have to follow a sustainable, life-altering, and proven system.  Fitness Now has created that system, and I would recommend their programs to any of my patients.”

—  Jeffrey M. Shadle, MD

Board Certified in Family Medicine



Fitness Now makes the process of implementing your new fitness program as easy as possible.  We use a simple, 3-step process:

  1. Assessment - We work with you to assess your company's wants and needs including goals, benchmarks, work space, budget, programs, projected start time, and timeline.

  2. Preparation - We assist you in determining any equipment needs and spacing issues while training and developing a staff of certified and highly-qualified trainers.

  3. Implementation - When we reach our start date, Fitness Now will take care of all the scheduling, attendance tracking, and program management throughout our entire relationship.


FUN - We strive to make every session as enjoyable as we can with a focus on fun, motivation, encouragement, and positivity.  Our job is to make your team look forward to their fitness programs and, therefore, create sustainable habits.

SAFETY - All of our coaches are nationally certified trainers that emphasize safety first.  Our approach is to teach proper and safe mechanics of exercise and to always provide an alternative exercise if needed.


EDUCATION - It is our mission to have every single one of your team members learn along the way.  We want them to know what we know, how we do it, and why we do it.  To us, coaching includes teaching.

RESULTS-ORIENTED - Our programs are based on science, they have proven successful for over 20 years, and that success is duplicatable for you and your team.  The success of your team and entire organization is our number one goal.



Circuit Training

Zumba Classes

Cardio Kickboxing



Virtual Workouts

Yoga &



Boot Camps

Fitness Challenges

Gym Design Consult

Equipment Selection

30-min Lunch and Learns

Keynote Presentations



If you have any questions regarding any of our fitness programs or if you just have a general inquiry, we would love to connect.  Simply fill  out the form, and I will be in touch soon.


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