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TBC has been serving Dallas, TX for over 17 years. When we started in 2003, the goals were simple - allow people to come just as they are, treat them with the utmost respect, always allow them to work at their own level, and give them an exceptional experience every single time.  Since we began, TBC has helped thousands of men and women not only reach their fitness goals, but also discover a fitness lifestyle.

Our Core Values

Professionalism, positivity, respect, integrity, service, and authenticity.  They define us and our actions.

Our Mission

To transform the minds, bodies, and lives of our participants and to impact our community's well-being.

Our Philosophy

We are never done improving.  No matter where you are now, there is always a next level.


“I love this program! I have lost 58 pounds and I am keeping it off. I feel good about my appearance, I'm healthy, I've made new friends, and I have fun while working out. Transformation Boot Camp has truly transformed my life. Thank You!”

- Rockin' Robin Kaston



Transformation Boot Camp is a 4-week conditioning program that combines metabolic-boosting workouts, motivational coaching, and nutritional guidance to help our participants increase lean muscle mass, reduce body fat, increase strength and stamina,  and improve overall health.  Our goal is to help you discover a fitness lifestyle.


Come exactly as you are!  You are always welcome at TBC and always welcome to work at your own pace each and every workout.  Our camps are not progression camps meaning they don't start easy in week 1 and end harder in week 4.  Instead, each workout is designed to have men and women of all levels and capabilities working out side-by-side and everyone gets the workout that's right for them.


No two workouts are ever the same.  We keep them ever-changing and as creative as possible to keep your body guessing what's next.  That's how change happens.


Each workout is centered on 3 main components - weight training, short bouts of cardio, and core work.  We ask everyone to bring a mat, a bottle of water, and a pair of handheld weights.  Women typically bring a pair of 3-8 lb weights, and men typically bring 8-15 lb weights.

Each week, we work chest shoulders, and triceps on Mondays, we work back, biceps, and legs on Wednesday, and we do total body on Friday.  And, of course, those muscle groups are mixed in with short bouts of cardio and core.

We have lost of fun stuff for you to "play" with:  battle ropes, kettlebells, medicine balls, suspension trainers, tires, sledge hammers, rings, hurdles, benches, ramps, and stairs.  And we will always incorporate your weights and body weight into our workout routine.  We keep it fresh and creative!


4 Weeks of Workouts

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Location:  Dallas County Building (formerly Brinker)

Address:  6820 LBJ Freeway, Dallas, TX 75240 (map)

Schedule:  MWF mornings from 5:30 to 6:30 a.m.

Bad Weather Location:  Bottom level parking garage

Parking:  Please park in parking outside of garage


Can't find a boot camp near you?  Make sure that you check out our online personal training You + Weights by following the link down below.  With just you and a pair of weights, you can get amazing results in the comfort of your own home.  You + Weights, that's all that it takes!


Location:  Founders Park - Visitor side softball fields

Address:  851 Hensley Lane, Wylie, TX 75098 (map)

Schedule:  MWF mornings from 5:30 to 6:30 a.m.

Bad Weather Location:  Under covered pavilion

Parking:  Please park closest to softball fields



If you have any questions regarding any of our fitness programs or if you just have a general inquiry, we would love to connect.  Simply fill  out the form, and I will be in touch soon.


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