My Mission

At Fitness Now, my mission is to provide small-step fitness systems you can live by.  My philosophy is that small, sustainable steps lead to productive habits and ultimately a lifestyle.  While "massive action" sounds sexy, the results are often short-lived.  The approach isn't sustainable.  Habits are formed through small, repeatable, sustainable steps over time.  When you can live by your approach, you find a fitness lifestyle.

What I do.

I can create you a personal training program that is 100% based on you personal goals, your workout capability, your equipment access, your desired frequency and duration.  When I write you a program, it will be your program.  I don't create basic templates for universal use.  I create personalized programs that meet your exact needs.

All workouts include:

  • A personalized workout experience 100% based on your goals

  • A detailed description of reps, sets, workout volume, and lifting speed

  • A workout that is centered on your equipment and capabilities

  • A link to a video that outlines how to do each exercise correctly



If you have any questions regarding any of our fitness programs or if you just have a general inquiry, we would love to connect.  Simply fill  out the form, and I will be in touch soon.


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