Plant Your Tree.

I hope you had an amazing weekend.  And if you didn't, reflect.  I bet you can find something amazing about it.  You spent time with a loved one, you got caught up on something, or you just had some down time.  Something was amazing.

We planted a tree.

My daughter Beatriz, B, came home from school this past Friday with a little, bitty tree.  It's an oak tree.  But at the time, it is very new.  But someday it will be a mighty oak.

She was given this tree to plant to grow something amazing, something brilliant, something that lives and gives.  Looking at it, I knew it would require work.  I knew it would require a lot of care.  I knew that this little bitty tree would take extra effort on my part to see it through.  So that one day this tree with a lot of love and care could be our giving tree.  Shell Silverstein, The Giving Tree, if you've never read it, please do.

My sweet B, the amazing little person that she is, asked me if we could plant this tree in memory of our recently lost and dearly beloved Penny Lane - our beautiful blonde cocker spaniel.  We lost her what seems recently, but the days are passing.  Her memory is not.

In fact, my sweet B writes her letters, draws her pictures, and thinks of her daily.  Every day.  She mentions Penny.  They had a bond, a connection.  She misses her so much.

So we planted this tree in remembrance of Penny Lane.  We lost a life, but we are willing to nurture another in honor of that life.  It will be our Penny Tree; our giving tree.  And it will always remind us of her beautiful spirit and the time we had with her.  The circle of life continues.

I planted another tree this weekend.

I launched the new Fitness Now website.  And I launched it to grow something amazing, something brilliant, something that lives and gives.  But at the time, it is very new.  I know it will require work, I know it will require care, and I know that it will take extra effort on my part to see it through.  So that one day, this newly planted idea for Fitness Now can live, breathe, grow, and give back. 

And I plant this new tree in remembrance of all the blood, sweat, and tears that have built up to this moment.  All the people that came together to overcome.  All the people that thought they couldn't but did.  All the people that came from a place where they were newly planted into the soil of Fitness Now and grew, became something amazing, became something brilliant, and learned how to give it back to others.  They became the giving tree.  They are the mighty oaks.

I don't start over because it's fun or amusing.  I start over because it's necessary.  Starting over is a necessary part of any journey that matters.  And this journey matters.  So I've planted a new tree, and I've included the memories we've collected along the way.  Let it grow!  Let it become a mighty oak.

So plant your tree.

There's something amazing in you that you need to plant.  And you need to plant it for a reason.  There is a memory, a past event, an old way of thinking, or something that is the very reason you need to plant this tree.  Plant it.  It will require work, it will require care, it will require a little extra effort on your part. 

At first it will be little bitty.  But if you care for it, you nurture it, and you give it the love that it deserves, it will grow, it will be brilliant, and it will be your giving tree.  It will give to you a thousand times over more than you could ever imagine.  It will become a mighty oak.  Your mighty oak.

So whatever it is, plant your tree.

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